24 Hours in Kota Kinabalu


When one thinks of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is the first place that springs to mind. On deeper inspection, however, Malaysia has far more to offer than a mere metropolis. Kota Kinabalu is an unstable mixing pot of natural, urban, modern, traditional downright shocking at times. There is just something incredibly captivating about this city. Kota Kinabalu is the easiest city to navigate Malaysian Borneo from. Apart from being a gateway to the jungles and wildlife, this city has so much to offer in its own rite. It is home to beautiful island resorts, world-renown diving sites and some truly glorious food.

We used Kota Kinabalu as our starting and ending point for exploring the wildlife and jungles of Borneo. Before we left Malaysia, we knew we needed to explore more of this beautiful city. After checking into our hotel, we dropped off our bags and headed straight out to begin exploring. Our first stop was the Kota Kinabalu City Mosque. This is probably one of the most captivating buildings I have ever had the pleasure to witness. It is surrounded by water and appears to be floating. Visit at dusk as the prayers begin, for a spine-tingling and truly beautiful experience. After taking photographs of the Mosque at every angle, we strolled along the beachfront promenade, which was absolutely stunning at sunset. Ice-cream vendors, barbeques, and kiosks scatter the walkway if you need to stop for a snack or a drink. We ended our evening at the massive Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. The mall is filled with tons of souvenirs, great restaurants and just about every Western or Malay amenity you may need. At 11pm, we headed back to our hotel enjoyed the last few hours of serenity before landing back in bustling Hong Kong.



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